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Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 9/8/2009
rosewood little eagle football scores. 9-10- spring creek 27..rswd -19.. halftime score 27-6..eagles shut down gators 2nd half and mount furious! comeback too run out of time in the gator red zone!

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 9/8/2009
rosewood little eagles..11-12 football scores . rswd 41..spring creek 0..the purple machine totally had this game in hand by the 2nd quarter! reserves played rest of game and clock rolled! rswd will host goldsboro sept 15th@branch opoe field-6.30pm

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 9/10/2009
rhs jv football score---midway-40--rswd 24.. game tied till 4 quarter.. will winslow 2 tds..jvonte raynor 65..yard td pass from will winslow. jv rhs eagles at n.johnston next friday night..7.00pm

Submitted By: Steven BrushSubmitted: 9/16/2009
Barton's Brush named Player of Week September 15, 2009 HIGH POINT, N.C. — Barton College's Morgan Brush (1-4-0 overall, 1-0-0 conf.) has been selected as the NCAA Division II Conference Carolinas women's soccer Player of the Week during week number three in the 2009 season. The Barton freshman forward from Princeton, N.C., exploded for four goals, including a second-half hat trick, on Saturday to give the host Lady Bulldogs their first win in four outings, 7-0 over Converse.Barton, which had managed but one goal in starting the year 0-3, needed some firepower, and Brush came through in a big way. She opened the match with a 30-yard blast in the 9th minute. Three goals by her teammates provided BC a 4-0 halftime cushion. Brush broke free for goals in the 78th, 84th and 89th minutes to conclude her stellar day. Brush took seven shots on goal and scored four times. Posted by admin under Uncategorized, Women's Soccer | Comments (0)

Submitted By: Submitted: 9/22/2009
Gentlemen: I would like to submit photos and information about two Princeton High School Class Reunions (1953 & 1956) that met this past weekend, but I can not locate your email address. Please advise how you wish to receive the items. I may be contacted at phone 919-834-4875 in addition to the email address. Thank you for your consideration.

(Editor's Note) If you are somewhat internet savvy, you can post the photos to a photo gallery, or if you want to submit for publication in print and online, send them to editor@newsleadernow.com.

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 11/9/2009
rosewood little eagle football 6-8 team play for the div-2 championship at eastern wayne tommorow night(nov-10) ..6.30pm goooo little eagles!!

Submitted By: Submitted: 11/13/2009
I am concerned about safety in the town of Princeton. I have called the police on more than one occasion. The response each time seems to be slow or justt as if there are other things that may be more important. Just recently, I had my house broken into. My alarm company dispatched police before I was ever called. They never showed. I had to call once I arrived at my residence. Once they arrived, there was nto much done. There were not even fingerpritns taken. If you can not feel safe in your own home, where are you safe? My experiences with PPD have not been pleasant, simply because I guess in there opinion there are things they feel are more importnat. Is that fair to a citizen? Are they here to serve and protect?

Submitted By: Submitted: 12/23/2009
It s about time guys! I shook my head when I was reading articles through the year about Princeton cutting employee pay. I love the fact that the two officers finally called the town on pay issues.

Submitted By: Submitted: 2/10/2010
Can I for once open up the paper to read and NOT have to read about the sewer system of the town? Enough is enough, if you haven't gotten it by now your not going to get it.

Submitted By: Submitted: 2/25/2010
I was reading the paper today and noticed a picture of a Princeton policeman in town doing story time at the library. Which is good by all means, but the caption under it was about Mr. Sugg and his book he read to the children. If you are going to talk about him in the caption, shouldn't you have a picture to go with it?? I think if the picture was of the policeman then the caption should talk what he did, not someone else. Thanks.

Submitted By: David HastingsSubmitted: 3/19/2010
I am interested in more information about the Princeton Police Department, their operations, good points and points that need some work in the opinion of the community.

Submitted By: MandySubmitted: 4/25/2010
Hello, I know this is probably in the wrong place but I'm looking for family that is kin to Lula Spivey that is deceased her maiden name is Whitley. Thanks

Submitted By: Clifton HoltSubmitted: 9/30/2010
Barry, in your editorial you stated Princeton "had an image of having racially prejudiced people." After living in Princeton for 41 years and working on the corner of Center street for the past 20 years this would be the first time I heard this statement, much less met the people you are referring to. Red, yellow, black or white.... seems to me that we pretty much get along in this town. Maybe you should stop by the store some time and take a picture of white and black people sitting together, sharing stores and drink. Since this is taboo in this town it may even make the front page. I guess that wouldn't make for good print though. It is very dissapointing to see you have joined the ranks of the nations media who blame every decision made by government as racial. I truly have no opinion on who the town hires as Police Chief as long as they make an educated decision and fill the position with the person who will best serve the town. But to insinuate the board would be led by race is an insult to the people who placed them into office. If you feel it necessary for the people of Princeton to receive a message perhaps it would include your apology to the people for calling us a town of racists and more importantly an apology to Sgt. Sutton for using him as a spotlight in such a distasteful editorial.

Submitted By: S CampbellSubmitted: 10/26/2010
This is a reply to the person (Mandy) that was looking to find a relative of Lula Spivey. Give me a call @ 919-921-2473.

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 2/12/2011
a perfect example of why community schools are so very great was this past friday night at rosewood high. the big basketball game between 2 rivals. in the rhs concessions we needed some help with the huge crowd!.. walton aycock stepped in (from princeton) and helped! and i would do the same thing if the princeton concessions needed help! god bless our two great communitys!!

Submitted By: Glen Edwards, Sr.Submitted: 3/19/2011
Early and Middle College High Schools--Something to Be Proud of in Johnston County As I have watched the budget debates unfold over the past several years I am amazed at the desire of some to happily throw people and programs under the school bus when things get tough. A recent editorial in The Herald ("Schools need biggest bang for buck") is a perfect example of misinformation and faulty data that attempts to sway public opinion negatively. Not this time! First, just for clarification purposes, the Early College and Middle College High Schools are not "programs." Rather, these are full-fledged high schools, "supported by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and funded through legislatively appropriated funds." In other words, these high schools are on the same footing and hold the same standings as any other high school in the county. Now let's talk about academics and student populations. "Schools need the biggest bang for buck" noted that the Early and Middle College High Schools are for "...young people for whom the traditional high school, with all of its social trappings, is a poor fit...designed to keep these kids in school..." Wow, what a monumental statement of misinformation! In reality, the Early and Middle College High Schools are "for high achievers, capable of doing honors work and meeting high academic standards." High schools designed for students who have ambition, ability and want a setting or experience different from the typical high school; wow, what concept! In fact I have personally heard from Johnston County College faculty and administration how impressed they are by the energy, dedication and academic excellence displayed by the students of our Early and Middle College High Schools. Wow--high praise indeed! And kudos to the kids and all of their teachers! Reality is that the Early and Middle College High Schools are part of a national movement to improve the academic performance of our nation's students, with early and middle college high schools springing up all around the United States. The Middle College National Consortium documents that early and middle college high schools have significantly higher graduation rates (97% versus 70%), and further, have much higher rates of students who go on to four year colleges (90%). You begin to get a better understanding of the monumental importance of early and middle college high schools when you consider that North Carolina ranks 42nd in the nation for graduation from high school (Manhattan Institute). Better yet, part of our Early College Academy's mission is to give "special consideration to first generation college students and underserved students." That means that they are looking for students who meet rigorous academic standards and whose parents never had the opportunity to go to college--how cool is that! In fact, according to Johnston County Board of Education statistics, fully 71% of Early College students are first generation college students. I say again: how cool is that! On a more somber note, of the 21 Industrialized Nations of the world, the United States' educational system, as a whole (that means you and me!), ranks 19th in mathematics, 16th in science and an abysmal 21st (yes, last) in advanced physics according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The Alliance for Excellent Education estimates that "Drop outs from the class of 2008 will cost North Carolina almost $11 billion in lost wages over their lifetimes." Wow! And you want to talk about eliminating high schools that stress academic excellence? Talk about penny wise and pound foolish! We in Johnston County can choose to be leaders. Or sadly, we can choose to be followers. But then who will lead us in our fight against disease? Where will out great doctors and researchers come from? Where will great ideas for bountiful, safe energy come from? For the citizens and tax payers of Johnston County ignorance is most assuredly, NOT bliss. Today's students are our hope for Johnston County, for North Carolina, and for the nation as a whole, in the 21st century. I think most citizens of Johnston County want to stand up and be proud of our students, be proud of our schools and their teachers, and protect the fantastic opportunity we have with our Early and Middle College High Schools. These students are our future--let's not throw them and our future under the school bus! Sincerely, Glen O. Edwards, Sr.

Submitted By: stuart kornegaySubmitted: 3/24/2011
the editorial in the march 22nd paper -confused about sex- was one of the best editorials i have read in a newspaper in a very long time! i pray for all our youth but im very concerned about our young ladies.

Submitted By: Donald StarlingSubmitted: 4/21/2011
HI Folks! Just stumbled across this forum in my quest to contact a Mr. Scott Thomas, a friend of mine from Princeton High School. Anyone have any contact info, please feel free to contact me. DSTAR5000@Yahoo.com. Very good to have a hometown newspaper such as this to keep up with my old friends and classmates. I have been away from Princeton for over 20 years now. Too long for sure, missing home today, maybe just the cool weather here in Germany! :) Donald Starling

Submitted By: stuartkornegaySubmitted: 7/23/2011
the little bulldogs and little eagles football teams as our cheerleaders look forward too another great! youth football season in 2011. the neuse river football teams from rosewood,princeton,cb aycock,grantham,mt olive,spring creek,eastern wayne, goldsboro-(boys-club) continue too support community youth football .

Submitted By: Clifton HoltSubmitted: 1/8/2012
Barry, I really appreciated your last editorial. Not because it made me laugh when you threw around random numbers about the water lines that had been replaced or because you do not understand the concept of a matching grant or even that statement you made about "things that relate to family and upbringing, isn't a logical thing" In helping rear 5 children I have found logic a very important quality to instill. But for the fact it gave me a moment to reflect upon my Father. As I read your arguments for the Town's spending I could almost see my Father sitting behind his desk, peering over his glasses at you, an expression of... hmmm, I wonder if one of those rocks I heard rattling around in Barry's head has fallen to the floor. And, then, simply stating, "Barry, let's look at the numbers." And with the manner I feel Graham would have handled this situation I feel you should begin covering the Town meetings. Try to understand that once you dig deeper into the numbers you will find that they do not lie. But, I am not writing this to throw numbers in your face. I am writing this so maybe your readers will not act flippant as you have. Hopefully they will not follow your example Barry. They will not act as your investigative reporting has done for years: Do not try to find actual figures on how many water lines have actually been replaced or how many people the new lift station is actually serving. Do not try to find out why, in a town where the median price for a home is $89,586 and the median household income is $25,012 (from city-data.com, 2009) we need to have a Town Hall that cost 1.1 million to complete. Is that number even correct? Enlighten me Barry, and also how much did the town have to borrow to get this "free money". Do not attempt to explain to anyone that when you get a matching grant you have to PAY BACK the other half of the grant. And for sure, DO NOT have an article on why my water bill is so high. For this lack of reporting I am proud we have concerned citizens bringing these items to the general public's eye. What bothers me is we have a newspaper that would infer to it's readers to disregard one's comments at a Town meeting because "he is acting just like his daddy." And until you can change your method of reporting to a mature , professional manner I HIGHLY recommend you follow your own daddy's wise words from your editorial August 3, 2011. "Don't go there.'" Wise words indeed. Clifton Holt

Submitted By: JessicaSubmitted: 1/21/2012
FOUND DOG: English Foxhound or Pointer. Found on Princeton-Kenly Rd. Please contact me at jessica.williams@jcindustries.com

Submitted By: stuartSubmitted: 2/23/2012
thanks to michael jaenicke for a great article about the late---vassie balkcum.. a wonderful man. i knew mr. vassie very well and as the takeover from curtis media took control. mr vassie was worried. wgbr is a shell now of what it was.. mr. wayne alley is the only dj left and he is a jewel. the new director-bill johnston has lost the faith of wayne and other counties..there is a boycott of wgbr and the other goldsboro outlets of curtis media.

Submitted By: Steven HackworthSubmitted: 12/19/2013
For as long as I can remember there has been a part of me that longs for what Christmas used to be. Sure it for years has been commercialzed and it has become more about trying to outdo yourself from the previous year. It's hard to sit and watch tv without commercials that remind me just how major businesses care only about making as much of a profit off the Christmas season. Sure there's not a thing wrong with making money or spending it if you can afford it. But in todays society, it's like people see all the newest gadgets that flood the market. And we wonder why kids act so spoiled, they often get it from the parents. Regardless of why you celebrate Christmas, regardless of if you celebrate it because it is widely accepted as a relgious holiday, many people don't have the belief of this holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. Regardless of what your beliefs are, the Christmas as well as all holidays shouild be less about who gets what new material gift. Maybe......just maybe the best gift that could be given is words that heal, spending time visiting children in hospitals, go out and find a way to honor those that without hesistation went into war to protect the safety of people in other countries, or even at one of the many places that gives meals out to those that for whatever reason has caused them to be struggling financially. The feelings you may find yourself getting from acts of kindness to others just may be what you remember and cherish the most and also put smiles on the faces of those that wonder if anyone cares. 

Submitted By:  Submitted: 11/7/2014

Barry, Barry, Barry..... Regarding this weeks editorial about the volleyball team. You stated that a specific person was the teams biggest fan. Were you at the game? There is no way you were. That person and her family never once cheered for the teams, told other Princeton fans that we 'got lucky' this year nor did they meet the team along with the MANY FANS at the exit to celebrate our title. If you want to mention one of those two girls from last years team you should have said Tori. I have played with both girls and Tori is by far the bigger team player. She sat in the Zoo and cheered with the student section and her face was the first we saw as we exited the building. Please don't give undo credit to people. It makes your creditability less.

Editor's Note: Mr. Merrill wasn't able to be at the match, but took a strong interest in its outcome, and he was one of a number of Princeton residents who were receiving score updates from me as the match progressed. At every break in the action, I was taking electronic notes for my game story and texting updates on the match. Both of the 2013 seniors in question were in attendance and were seen by me cheering the team on, along with a very large proportion of the people of Princeton--whose vocal support, in my opinion, helped the team to victory.

As far as "luck" is concerned, I would share this quote from Roald Amundsen, discoverer of the South Pole: "Victory awaits him who has everything in order - people call it luck. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck."

I think that sums up what happened. Princeton was better prepared to do what it took to win, and that's a credit to the players and coaches on the Lady Bulldogs.

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